William "Scott" Collins

Kentucky guitarist/Playwright/multi-instumentalist/artist & composer. NEW ALBUMS NOW AVAILABLE HERE!

(859) 806-8760

Scott Collins is a native Kentuckian and has attended both University of Ky & Georgetown College in their respective music programs. 

Through the years, Scott has performed locally in many restaurants, coffee houses, festivals, and concerts as well as providing musical entertainment and comedy for events in the US and abroad as well.  He has been privileged to use music for its ability to unite people in enjoyment in many countries, such as: Russia, Philippines, Africa, Peru, Panama, and Germany as well as many parts of the United States, including Branson Mo. and Nashville. Scott has also had the pleasure of recording & performing with the late Jim Varney, perhaps know best from his character Ernest P. Worrell.

Scott is an instrumentalist/composer that employs a form of instrumentation that is fairly unique. In essence, he's a one man band using several instruments and technologies including guitar, harmonica, banjo, and vocals to provide people with many of their favorite songs ranging from Country and Bluegrass, to Gospel and Popular Hits from the 50s-80s. He also specializes in more low key, single guitar performances as well.

Because it's hard to completely describe Scott's one-man band show, feel free to check out some of the videos posted here on the site!

 Scott Collins is available for providing entertainment for your festival, hayride, campfire event, or misc venue.  Please feel free to call at (859) 224-7858 or email: Janandscott@juno.com